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XIAMEN XINYAN STONE CO.LTD  is a new high-tech enterprise which takes professional technology as the core and produces energy efficient and environment friendly quartz. Our company integrates modernized technology together with scientific research, product development, design, manufacturing, sales and services. We hatched plans to establish an environmental-friendly enterprise that both collaborating diversified and cross-geographical. XINYAN operate high-end quartz with two advanced quartz production lines and create the highest technical quality quartz productions base in China. We would like to mold us as a Chinese native star enterprise with independent brand and intellectual property rights.

XINYAN quartz belongs to the new circular green stone containing more that 93% of the inorganic materials quartz sand and glass(main ingredients is silicon dioxide) as the main raw materials, together with resins and additives such as organic material molding through mechanical mixing and vacuum pressure high-frequency vibration. High-quality quartz is pore-free, Mohs hardness 7-8, acid and alkali resistance, no radiation. Based on the multicolored appearance of the quartz and physical performance is better than that of natural stone and artificial marble, these determine it is a new environmental-friendly decorative building material, and its application range is more extensive than natural stone and artificial marble, with longer life in market. Quartz products not only solve environmental pollution problems caused by natural stone processing, but also with intrinsic physical and chemical advantages, the are more and more popular and will gradually replace artificial marble becoming the emerging market high-end products.

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